Greek Orthodox Cathedral
     Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, Toronto, Canada


Welcome to Panagia, 
The Panagia Church has been served by some of the most dedicated, distinguished and well educated Priests of our former Archdiocese and now Metropolis. The first Priest was Father George Demopoulos, who served from 1961 - 1964. The second Priest was Father Constantine Andreou, who served from 1964 - 1990, and was the longest serving Priest of Panagia. Upon Father Costas' retirement, Father Apostolos Ananiadis served as the third Priest from 1990 - 1996. Upon Father Apostolos' retirement, Father Peter Avgeropoulos was appointed as of September 1st 1996, and has the distinction of being the first Canadian-born Priest who has remained to serve in the Greek Orthodox Church of Canada.  
We welcome you to join us in Worship.
    Church Address:    136 Sorauren Ave, Toronto, Ont. M6R 2E4
    Office Number:      416-537-2665
    Fax Number:         416-537-4175
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